On the way home last night, I stopped by Harry’s Ace Hardware on Metairie Road, a small hardware store that has everything without being a vulgar hardware supermarket, and bought a bag of wild bird feed.  But when I climbed the stairs the birds were nowhere to be found and this made me sad.  As I was unlocking the door, something behind scurried quickly through my plants and beat it…it was a squirrel.  The sight of which sent me into an immediate panic and race to my laptop with the query, do squirrels eat live birds?  Yes, they do, come to find out.  I dashed back outside and searched all around the porch and could not find any evidence of a massacre…no loose feathers, etc., so I am hoping against hope my little birds are all right and the squirrel scared them away.  According to my research, once a squirrel comes near a nest, the birds will abandon it and never return.  I kept looking for them last night and this morning, but I’m sure they’ve found another spot.  For the first time in my life, I hated squirrels!  It’s probably that dotty one that crosses past my window on the telephone every night just before it gets dark.  He was probably hiding when I came home waiting for the birds to return.  I think I’ve scared him off–sometimes a squirrel climbs on my back porch but never the front, so I know it was the mourning doves.

Well, going to get dressed and start the day.  Looking forward to it.  But, I will not get the porch railing plant hanger to attract birds to nest–too dangerous with that damned squirrel hanging about.

Oh, and yes, have to add:  Call me one of the Deplorables.  Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters last night the deplorables:  sexists, homophobics, racists, xenophobic, etc., etc. etc.  At a LGBT meeting.  Still using scare tactics.  There was an African American radio commentator on the news this morning who reacted to this, and Bill Clinton’s claim that every “white Southerner really knows what Make America Great Again means.” ( Uh, no, Bill, I don’t equate it with wanting to go back 50 years in race status and relations at all, you oversexed, greedy jerk.)  The radio commentator basically said that was something coming from white Southern carpetbaggers who went up to New York to basically tell everyone else they were racist.  They are carpetbaggers in every sense of the word.