Revisting Haggary’s comment about Trump supporters, the Deplorables, have to make the following observation about myself.  She said,  “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic.”  Yes, I a Trump supporter, who very well knows her own faults and flaws, as a deplorable counts this as part of her life, past and present:

Homophobic:  Had a late gay cousin that I loved like a brother.  Worked alongside gay men in Catholic Charities AIDS project, socialized with them, genuinely liked them and had fun.

Racist:  Raised in a household where the ‘N’ words was forbidden.  Admired Martin Luther King and supported Civil Rights movement from childhood on–worked in Head Start Poverty Program in Los Angeles and New Orleans.  Experienced disillusionment when confronted with black violence and hostility.  Currently works with five African American ladies, laughs and has fun with them, eats with them and treasures my relationships with them.

Xenophobic:  Head over heels in love with a foreigner.  A dumbass foreigner, but a foreigner nevertheless.  Work very harmoniously  with people of just about all religious backgrounds who come from all four corners of the earth–Asia, Europe, but no one from Antartica.  Such a damned bigot am I that I, as a Catholic Christian, give regularly to a charity to help poor Jews in Russia.

Sexist:  Ah, there you might have me.  Because I loathe, hate and despise women who play the women card, carry on about women’s issues, support abortion, like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, that Melissa professor who tried to get “muscle” to throw that student reporter off campus at a BLM rally, and some independent filmmakers.  And I speak all of that as a woman who has said frequently, I am too independent to be a feminist.

I rest my case.  Deplorable me.