Colors roaming through my mind; odd assortments yet harmonious–couple of weeks ago, I wore a vivid sapphire cotton long T, and decided to pair it with my persimmon colored skirt. I was in a tribal sort of mood, you know? I was surprised by the amount of compliments I got because of it. So, going into fall…still feeling tribal, no muted colors for me; online shopping yesterday, and buoyed by the fact I can now get my feet into shoes again, not only ordered the boots but long sleeved T’s ( I love those), 3 each, one in a color called “Squash,” a deep gold with a hint of red lurking somewhere within it; raspberry sorbet; and cherry red. Don’t know what colors I’m going to pair them with, but, feeling tribal.

The mourning doves stayed on my porch all yesterday evening. I went outside this morning while it was still dark and I didn’t see them. I left a little container low enough to the ground for them filled with water. When daylight came, I peeked out the storm door and they were both nestled on the Wipe Your Paws mat. When it was time to leave for work, only one was there, and waddled off as I slowly opened the door, saying, “Excuse me, please.” Wish I had my little camera. So…

Things To Do This Weekend: I’m going to finally buy one of those little iron rail plant baskets filled with the same material as my WIPE YOUR PAWS mat, hook it onto the porch railing and make a little nest for these birds. The back porch is too sunny, but the front porch is ideal, especially if I get them in the shade of the schefllera. I hope they stay awhile. Perhaps I should name them, but maybe not?

Other things to do: buy Halloween lights for the back porch, I think orange and purple; scented candles, notice I didn’t mention housework. Remember Ralph the Pumpkin–his seeds have never yielded a vine, but heavens, they have filled that pot with tall, gorgeous, fuchsia flowers–I call Ralph, “The Atomic Pumpkin.” Oh, it’s pumpkin time, soon enough.