I have kept this picture at my desk here since before Katrina.  It was taped to the copy stand on my desk; when we were allowed two hours to come back here in October 2005 to retrieve equipment to start business again at another location, it was still taped in the same spot, and you know it remains.   (Cue to a memory that I’ve told you about already, but hey, the first windy fall day and I had the rolling file cart in the back of my car with patient records and the wind blew them all over the parking lot of my apartment.  It was a beautiful fall day.  Okay, that being over…) I tacked up this picture because I thought it was so film noir, they both look like they are up to such no good.  Of course, it’s from, “Double Indemnity.”  It always amazed me how someone as wholesome as Fred MacMurray, Papa Douglas, etc., could also be brilliant at playing a louse.  (i.e., “The Apartment, Double Indemnity.)  But I can never get used to Barbara Stanwyck as a blonde.

“I’m crazy about you, Baby.”

“I’m crazy about you, Walter.”