I drove home feeling pretty peaceful this evening.  Stopped for some Pinot Grigio, and I don’t know, just filled with food will towards everyone.  It was a lovely afternoon and didn’t feel too, too hot.  Got home, parked Colleen, and carried my wine upstairs–I have to say the plants and herbs on the front porch look so pretty in pots ranging from bright yellow, green, blue, orange, sea green, purple.  But this was such a sweet thing, that I will take as a wonderful sign from God:  nestled closely together almost like lovers on my Wipe Your Paws welcome mat were two young mourning doves.  They weren’t young enough to be chicks, but not fully grown, fledglings, I suppose.  My approach did not scare them at all and that surprised me that it did not surprise me.  I got right up on them and they only moved as though to get out of the way so I could open the storm door and enter my home.  They waddled just a few inches away and rested in the shade of the huge scheffelera (SP?) in the yellow painted bucket.  They are still there.

Now, I had to go online and look this type of thing up and here’s what I found.

Dove Pigeon Power Animal Symbol Of Peace Love Maternity Gentleness Spirit Messenger


What a sweet little thing to come home to this evening.  A blessing.