Made it to the DMV at 6:45 AM this morning.  They open at 8 AM, but the lines are phenomenal at times and didn’t mind the wait.  There was a chap already there, sitting on the steps working on his laptop.  I sat on the steps and read the last of the Ruth Galloway mysteries until she publishes one next year, “The Ghost Fields.”  But I had to stop and take in my surroundings.  The DMV is at the very beginning of Veterans Blvd, and Pontchartrain Blvd. crosses it and beautiful Lakeview is just beyond to the East.  The sun was coming up apricot and gold, it was a lovely morning, and I didn’t start getting dewy until at least one half hour later.  This is one of the worst driver’s license pictures I’ve ever taken, except perhaps, my very first one when I was eighteen in California and had made the mistake of getting a Gypsy haircut.  That was a killer to grow out.  In this current picture, I look like I have quadruple chins, painted hair and a photoshop squashed looked.  It was just too lovely not to share with you, a veritable mug shot, which thankfully, I avoided having to take, having not been stopped for driving with an expired DL.

There’s talk of a new project for you.  Seems like a long shot in difference from your last.  Truthfully, this latest talk has not hit any “truth” jangle nerves with me.  So I don’t know whether to believe it or not.