It’s a guilty pleasure movie.  But it’s pure fun:  “True Lies.”  I watched half of it yesterday and finished it this afternoon.  Again.  I was in the mood to see it.  I thought Arnold was very funny in it, especially the expression in his eyes, such as when he bursts into the trailer where the phony spy has his wife on the couch, Arnold, Harry Tasker, is wearing a ski mask and all you see are his wild eyes when he sees them on the couch.  And there’s a part of me that thinks it would be a hoot to play Helen Tasker, his wife.  Hanging out of the helicopter over the Florida keys and all.  Farfetched as the story is at times; it’s just fun.  I never fail to laugh when Jamie Curtis, thinking she’s posing as a prostitute on a mission, but it’s really her husband Harry in the hotel room, does that super sexy pole dance with a bed post in her very brief unmentionables and falls right off of her high heels.  They played well off of one another.  As I said, a guilty pleasure movie.