It leaves such a taste of bitterness in my mouth that Hillary Clinton, who touts herself as the candidate of the underdog, the underprivileged, the person For The Little People–has been safely hidden away in Stephen Spielberg’s house in the Hamptons, especially with all the negative news about the emails, the Clinton foundation, who alleged lack of memory when questioned by the FBI, are in full sway.  Holy Sweet Potatoes, what is she going to do when Assange dumps all those hacked emails in October?  Go into a bunker like Hitler or a hole in the ground like Saddam Hussein?  She has virtually made herself inaccessible to the people probably out of arrogant assurance that she will win due to  women who will vote for her and the Hispanic and African American vote.  Her press officer is virtually saying the next press conference she will give is when she’s elected president.  My goodness.  Such a candidate for the little guy:  for children who attend her fundraiser to ask questions, the price of $,2700 must first be paid.  A photo op with her is $100,000.  Forget how much the plate dinners  are.  And all the rich fools pay it.  You know, there’s a lot of hype that you can’t trust Trump with the nuclear codes, but I truly believe that if anyone can plunge us into World War III, it’s Clinton.  She’s just about done it now as it is with her failed Middle East Policy, the debacle that was Libya, the mishandling of Iran (thanks to Bam-Bam), and the birth of Isis (the JV team).

I saw Trump at the African American church in Detroit yesterday.  It was most moving, especially when Pastor Jackson laid the prayer shawl over him and told him he was anointed.  Unexpectedly, I got one of my super frisson chills that sometimes happens to me in deepest prayer, or some spiritual revelation and I felt this was true about Trump.  Big mouth that he is, but you know, I have never distrusted someone who speaks their mind no matter how much I may have disagreed with it, maybe its the bond between the members of the unspoken League of the Big Mouths.  Dr. Jeremiah is coming on, pausing this for a little while…

Well, due to budgetary constraints this week, I am leaving the low carb thing behind and right now a pot of ‘dem limas is slowly bubbling on the stove.  Don’t know why it’s seems the universe is in its right place when a pot of ‘dem limas is cooking.  Just had a thunderstorm while I was watching a beautiful message from Dr.Jeremiah about the greatest commandment of all.  Can’t miss next week, “is this the end?”

Now a postscript to Pippa Lee.  The musical selections sucked.   And I really have to ask about the Jesus tattoo, pray, hand (etc.) thing:  was that a collective F.U. to people who are believers?  You know, an elitist zing at the perceived poorly educated whose temples aren’t the halls of Ivy League colleges, liberal corridors of celebrities, billionaires mingling while calling another billionaire out of touch?   Well, if so, all I can say is, y’all have your fun now; as merciful as Jesus is, He has said, I won’t  you know if you don’t know me.

It’s funny how my mind goes on tangents, imaginary.  I went this way this morning when I saw that Clinton is hiding out at Speilberg’s and that, in March, had a fundraiser in Roxbury CT.  This is how it went:  I was there with you on Spielberg’s yacht  as your spouse.  Someone steeped in Liberal speak said something really supercilious about their superiority to either Republicans, southerners, Christians, what have you.  I gave them a verbal riposte and you kicked me from under the table.  I immediately kicked you back and finished what I wanted to say.  Later, I stumbled upon you apologizing to Spielberg about me and I deliberately walked in and confronted you both.  I asked SS if it wasn’t too beneath his dignity to someone like me if his launch would kindly take me ashore.  And I left you.  I devised all kinds of secret ways to where you would never trace where I was going until I got there and stayed.  I was finished.And this led me down another mental path…the last place, the last thing on earth I would ever want to do or be is in a hotbed of rich liberals.  I wouldn’t feel I had come up in the world, because, frankly, I don’t feel like I’m anywhere low in the world. I couldn’t live it day in and day out, empty myself and my soul just go get along with it.