It was hysterical to learn that that eminent birdcage liner and puppy dog house training material, the New York Times, the Gray Old Lady, deemed all of the above things addressed as nothing in this morning’s edition.  Ha-Ha.

If you don’t think the Obama Administration, especially the Department of Justice is not corrupt, I would kindly put to you the question, What Planet are you Living on?  This is about the fourth or fifth time this administration, this time the FBI, has waited to release this kind of expose late on a Friday afternoon preceding a holiday weekend when they hope everyone will be occupied with rest and not news.  What is it about the Clintons?  Pact with the devil again? Yesterday at work, a very brilliant young doctor, I overheard, was ragging Trump and extolling Clinton, i.e., she was qualified, she ran things, she had experience and SHE DID NOT TRUST TRUMP!  Now I now that she and I are on the basis to respectfully disagree, so I said, I don’t trust Clinton.  She’s a pathological liar, look how she’s lied about about her emails, look at Benghazi, look at the Clinton foundation,look at the chaos in the Mid East with Isis that she has caused, and yes she ran things, but look how she ran them.  She replied, I know all of that, and you’re right, but I still don’t trust Trump!

Dear. God.  Look at all the mess of this past administration, and Killary the Hildebeast, and as Trump says, what in the hell do you have to lose if you vote for him?