And one would be me.

A story:  Driving home Thursday night, there was a terrible traffic jam at the stoplight by the cemeteries, where I take my left turn to head onto Metairie Road.  So, there’s a shortcut I have longed remembered from my twenties–simply head down Canal (which then transitions from street to Blvd.) turn left as if you were going on the I10, something I religiously avoid, and then turn onto a back street with more potholes and bumps that you practically need a 4×4 to drive…onto Milne, onto Veterans upon which lies Dorignacs, a planned stop.  Once on the way to Vets, you pass a Motor Vehicles place.  I passed this and said, ah, drivers’ licenses.  A second later.  Driver’s license.  Horror dawned.  My birthday was two weeks ago.  I fished my license out of my purse.  Sure enough it was there:  expires August 22, 2016.  I had been driving with an expired license for two weeks.  Dear God, I prayed, don’t let me be stopped for anything.  Made it home, tried to see if I could renew online.  Nope.  For the last 8 years I have always renewed online and they send me a reminder–not this year.  So, since the fine is $500.00 is I’m caught driving now, I took the bus to work, and will have to do so until probably Thursday.  However, yesterday morning was dry, with that North breeze, hot, but I sat on a bench on Metairie Road shaded my trees and read waiting for the bus.  It was very pleasant and relaxing, as was the streetcar ride.  The afternoon return was not so pleasant; it was hot, the streetcar in the evening is always packed and it was my luck to be next to a girl on a cellphone who did not shut up the entire time.  Oh, well.  So it’s Labor Day weekend and I’m a virtual  shut in, need groceries and am not looking forward to walking in the heat.

Now to the other dumbass.  At least mine was a mistake and not a deliberate act of foolishness.  Colin Kapernick, the SF 49er who sat during the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance, allegedly protesting the poor treatment of black people.  As a black man himself, he has really been abused.  He makes $19 million a year, lost his first string quarterback position two years ago but the team has kept him on as backup with no salary loss.  Now I respect the first amendment that gives us the right to free speech, and therefore I will defend his perfect right to make a public, Roman spectacle ass of himself as he is doing now.  I strongly suspect his ego is through the roof, it’s bruised because he’s been downgraded to second string, and this is a good way to draw attention to himself that he lost.  You know, if you have a problem with something that you feel needs to be fixed, do something about it.  What good is he doing by disrespecting his country and his flag?  He’s a rich man, go out in the communities he feels are wronged and work there.  Don’t just hand off a monetary donation and think that justifies it, if you’re so outraged.  Do something constructive, not just the arrogant, superficial act of a frustrated hot dog.