Last night I saw that STARZ was going to show, “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.”  I was dead tired, and only wanted to retire en boudoir in the company of Ruth, Nelson and Cathbad, so I taped the movie.  Finished watching it a few minutes ago.

Personal feelings aside, here are my observations, starting with the only positive:  The performances were not bad, then again, it was a good seasoned cast, the quality of which always makes me wonder what draws them to this person’s projects.  The persona of her father?  A sense of loyalty?  The connection to her husband?  Nevertheless, besides that…

It is very rare for me to see movies that immediately start before the credits even roll with the first credit:  Written for the screen and directed by…and then segue immediately into the story.  I’ve seen that once, in a really crappy Lifetime movie based on a romance novel. Which I didn’t watch.  I’ll throw back to this person’s first film wherein the opening credits were filled with a camera that kept swinging back and forth making it nearly impossible to read, but when the writer and directors name was shown, the screen was in complete stasis.  Such interesting tricks of the ego.  Referring back to Pippa Lee, likewise, I’ve never seen a movie that ended with the immediate first credit to repeat, written for the screen and directed by…before the list of actors, music score, producer.   Now, having said that, I’ll go to the movie.

I’m not a fan of Lifetime TV, hardly ever watch it, but I have to say I have seen better “women’s” films than this on Lifetime.  However much this director deems herself a “strong writer” and movie trailblazer, I found myself uttering the next line exactly before it was even delivered, so trite was the dialogue, and frankly, the story.  A bored, disatisfied housewife who has lived her life for others gets tired and sets out to find her own life.  Revolutionary material.  The coloring, tone, pace were flat and blah.  Offensive were the lesbian sado masochism scenes with Juliette Moore looking like a clown sans the red nose and makeup.  Offensive also was the scene in the van when Chris suggests they pray right then and there for Pippa’s husband’s soul, removes his shirt and the gi-normous tattoo with Jesus on his chest is revealed and promptly gives Pippa a hand job.  What a prayer.

An overall bad movie that gets relegated to the level of mediocre simply by some of the performances.  It is never lost on me that this writer and director who is supposed to be so brilliant never seems to be given projects by other studios based on other people’s novels, or screenplays, but only makes movies based on her own books, or the unpublished, surprise, work of other people that she then rewrites as a screenplay.  This movie was completely formulaic and anybody who acclaims it as a work of genius is either stoned, bribed, completely drunk, or all three.  Or an ass-sniffer.

There was a time when I felt my spirit and yours marched together so well to the point that you perhaps resented having a “mole in your mind.”  Nevertheless, the bond was there, and having been in that bond, I can’t see your spirit aligned with all of the above nor the mind that produces it.  That all seems just like self-destructive behavior to me.  But I know that, having observed all of this in my post here, ensures that you will do the immediate opposite whether you admire it or not.  I have to ask, Why?