I don’t know if it’s because there’s another chapter in the news concerning Weiner Gate and his sexting; actually it’s not funny since that sicko, married to Ms Abedin, Killary’s # 2 hench  person, i.e., Goonette, bragged about using his four-year-old son as a “chick magnet” in his sexting–but for some reason this morning I am remembering a former coworker from my early twenties named JoAnn, and a certain Dr. Q.  I’m laughing at the way that JoAnn and I, after she identified who the man was, who was standing  by an elevator leering at me, (i.e., THAT’S Q—-z!) linked hands after exclamations of horror and kind of half danced half ran to the back of the office where we hid well out of sight, for more reasons than one.