About twenty minutes ago, the sun was lowering in the sky, platinum gold, and it reflected like a mirror in the windows of the Galleria, thus sending that late summer dappled light into my home.  Here in the Ernest Hemingway Room, the wall was filled with the hanging shadows of slivered palm leaves, perfectly cast, as if, like Peter  Pan, the trees had lost their shadow and escaped on the wall. up.

Alas, perhaps a dark subject, but in the all important world of TV viewing, two important events and a ghoulish response on my part.  It’s about two characters, and I have to say, I’m so glad they killed them off.  1) Dougal on, “Outlander.”  I could not stand that man.  Overbearing, Neanderthal, know-it-all, after Claire to be his wife waiting for the English to execute Jamie; just couldn’t stand him.  Glad he is daid, daid, daid.  2)  Marisol Campos on, “Ray Donovan.”  Played by Lisa Bonet.  Can’t stand Lisa Bonet.  Admittedly she has always been an exquisitely beautiful girl and young woman, hands down.  In middle age, she is still beautiful in an anorexic sort of way.  She played the half sister of a boxer with whom she was in an incestuous relationship.  He married someone else and wanted her to leave him alone, but no…she kept it up.  When he is on the eve of taking another title, she goes on live television and discloses to everyone that they had been lovers.  A real winner, a drug addict, an arrogant drug addict with a filthy mouth.  So, I can’t say I was sorry when her half brother went to see her after her tell all and as she acts seductive with him, enticing him to share a bath with her and he follows, he pushed her arrogant sick head under the water and drowned her.  I felt no remorse.  Quelle dysfunctional family!