Awakened after a truly blissful night’s sleep in a happy, wonderful mood.  Feel like a page was turned yesterday for the better.  Instead of lolling in my nightshirt with coffee as I usually do, I put on shorts and a T.  About to go for a swim, the morning is just too beautiful, hot yes, but gorgeous and I want to beat the rain because the cumulus have been building all morning.  Let the fresh air in  early and listened to the beloved cries of the bluejays squawking.  A crow lit on the telephone wires across from my porch and cawed loudly, scaring the hell out of me.  The cheeky bloke.

Last week I found an online Scrabble game.  I haven’t played scrabble in so many years,my main playing partner being my mother, with Earl occasionally sitting at the table with us on my lap and falling asleep with his head on the table.  Well, I played round after round of online Scrabble enjoying it very much and I beat the computer every time.  Well, I learned from the Master.  I remember not long after Daddy died and she was under so much stress and worry, Mom bought a Scrabble board and would sit on the living room floor and play games by herself.  Her scoresheet read the contestants, You, Me.  She said it calmed her.  Eventually, she got her friends hooked on it and they would indulge in  Friday night orgies of Scrabble playing only stopping at 11PM.  She whipped the tar out of them always, even a school teacher who also played.  She usually whipped the tar out of me as well but I learned some of her tricks and thus I whipped the tar out of the computer.  I lost our Scrabble board When the Workmen Trashed my Apartment, hereby to be future known as, WTWTMA inn reference.  But I think I’m going to buy another board and do what Mom did–play herself.  I always loved board games, but I don’t know a lot of people who still do–too busy picking at their smart phones.  Yeesh.  Off to the pool!