Just emerged from the shower smelling like violet soap and lavender hand creme.  What a glorious swim this was.  The water was no longer bathwater warm; it was cold, almost like swimming in a stream but not quite, yet close.  Birds were crying; fallen hibiscus buds the color of sunset were floating in the pool; it was quiet, peaceful and I swam non-stop for one hour and fifteen minutes.  I think I must have swum at least forty laps across the length of the pool with no effort, and I know it’s because of the earing regime I’m following.  The only thing that chased me in was the threat of dark clouds looming overhead, but now they’ve cleared.  The water was the color of the blueberry snowballs I used to get from Macaluso’s snowball stand; a wasp joined me briefly to get a sip of chlorinated water from the surface and flew away.  Back and legs feel much better; I’m blissfully relaxed…going to read, A Dying Fall (Galloway).

Out of fairness, must revisit the new, “Ben-Hur.”  I’m told the chariot race is completely awesome and makes up for the rest of the badness–the movie is worth seeing for this.  Now if they would have just gotten rid of the are we having fun now brother…however, I did also learn that in the filming of the Chuckles Heston version, they used  trip wires to make the horses fall and some of them had to be put down.  That’s really beyond lousy and puts a damper on it for me completely.  But it’s still just about my favorite movie.