When I asked you to switch to the other site, it wasn’t to tell you off but to tell you something that happened.

There was a beautiful sunset this evening.  The sunset is now moving true West, the days are shorter; sunrise is later; sunset earlier.  There was a huge cloud in the Southwest this evening as the sun set; it looked like a giant Arch de Triomphe, a purple arch with an opening that glowed with rose light.  Every now and then, a tongue of lightning would lick out from the purple although the rest of the sky was baby blue.

Funny, getting into the elevator going home I kept thinking that I thought social media was going to be the end of civilization.  Anonymity has turned so many people into fiends; I read it on the Comments section of news stories some to the point that I marvel at the lack of humanity in people–horrible things said such as when the alligator grabbed the little boy at Disney, or when poor Anton Yelchin was killed.  Truth to tell, the only reason I ever went online was when I was hired by Renaissance to write Around Louisiana; I needed it for research and story submission.  True, it opened my eyes to a lot of things that some would have preferred kept hidden from me, but from the get go it’s something I still don’t feel entirely comfortable with; stupidly, perhaps, used a website to try to keep in touch with someone, but that was always a risk, always letting myself open for something, a futile attempt for someone to finally state or live the truth but it just had the opposite effect of making them cling all the more publicly to the lie they were living.  Alan would call that a clusterf—.  Well, I was thinking all of that in the elevator and tonight Bill O’Reilly had a segment on exactly that, how social media has turned into such hate.  I’m thinking of the hate that was levied at me a year and a half ago by a former coworker here on this site, whom I had done nothing but try to befriend but who showed her true colors.  I’m thinking of the times I’ve offered a differing opinion about the literary and cinematic works of an overrated “artist” with no personal attack towards anyone and have been viciously attacked.  I’m thinking of mothers with husband and children who live on their laptop trying to out argue everyone to prove they are right.  The times I have spent on a website were for one reason only; to reach someone I loved.  And maybe, having let myself sink to that, some consideration about my own pyschological make up was in order. I mean, is anyone really worth swallowing all that cra[, because, I mean, if that’s what someone requires, what kind of person are they to require it?  And what loyalty do you owe them?  Just because they live their life whatever the hell they want to live, but can’t stand the idea of not having you in it, despite it all, it’s really their problem, isn’t it, when you’ve been finally driven away.   Or,maybe it was simply a case of folly.  I honestly wish it was just the days of plain non cell phone calls and handwritten letters.  Mutual handwritten letters.  But I suppose those days, like so many dreams, are gone.  They leave too much of a paper trail, I presume.

I enjoy writing this blog; I enjoy the speed of an email, especially when it comes to  business.  But taken in full, most of the Internet is pure crap; you can’t believe half the things on it, and I am so sick of the sight of people picking at their cell phones texting.  Well, the years have swiftly flown by, and it’s funny, you know, because when you’ve given so much of yourself to someone to where they just use you for their dreamworld, given your own dreams, what hard lesson must it take to swallow that in actuality perhaps they never really were the man for you?

Not so sleepy this evening; taped, “Night Must Fall,” with Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell; good and atmospheric.