Quiet, book-filled birthday weekend.  Didn’t have cake, champagne, or wine, but did treat myself to a delicious Roquefort dressing on Romaine lettuce with roast beef (with red wine jus).  Low carb but wonderful.

Yesterday morning took a long ride through City Park, around Moss Street and Bayou St. John.  Through Lakeview, drowning in crape myrtles, they’ll be gone soon.  Going to miss them.   I had ordered a pair of boots that arrived on Friday, deliberately a size too large and they just wouldn’t do.  Returned them yesterday; came home had lunch and began to read the next Ruth Galloway, in the recliner and kept dropping the book on my face, falling asleep.  So, thought I’d have a lie down in my room and awakened nearly three hours later in the deepest of sleeps.  What gives with all the snoozing?  Slept the night through.

Obamazoid is making a belated trip to Louisiana to inspect the incredible devastation.  I don’t believe the propaganda being put out that he stayed away because it would complicate rescue efforts.  Especially after his marked criticism of George Bush’s flyover during Katrina, especially after Democratic governor Kathleen Blanco hesitated accepting the law as it was then with regard to FEMA–before they come in, you have to turn over the power of the state to the President.  She didn’t want to do that because of party lines and needed a day to “think about it.”  If it’s true Governor Edwards of Louisiana asked that he stay away, something I don’t believe, since when does a president take orders from a governor.  This is such hypocrisy; if it had been an election year Obama would have been all over the state just as he was on 2012 when Sandy hit New Jersey. The law since Katrina has been changed; now FEMA doesn’t have to wait to send aid while a stupid governor takes time deciding if she’s going to hand over the state to the president in dire circumstances.  Bush took a lot of unfair bull over that, and whenever I’ve tried to tell people the circumstances–if he had come in immediately he would have broken the law–I am met with almost as much hatred as he.  Blanco was missing for the first few days of Katrina, Nagin was a joke, but they are Democrats and Bush is Republican so all the fault goes to him.  Killary isn’t here because she knows she has already lost Louisiana.