Slow moving, lazy weekend, gifted with a slice of memories from my life I felt I had to suppress out of a misguided sense of loyalty; caught up in a vendetta.  Bullshit for other people and their damned vendettas.  No matter how close you are to them.  It asks too much and leaves only  regret.

All I did yesterday was pick up a prescription; buy a gorgeous head of cabbage to make purifying cabbage soup; pick up my library holds.  I am now sixth in queue for Crisis of Character; but the new Sarah Booth Delaney was out and I finished it in one sitting; this was a very good one in the Bones series, “Rock-a-Bye- Bones,” a hours-old infant is left on Sarah’s porch one night during November and the Thanksgiving season.  I never fail to enjoy her books, and yesterday while the soup simmered, a round steak smothered down with onion, and an eggplant dish that turned out delicious baked, I read all day.  Fell sound asleep at 9PM and slept beautifully.

Today, want to do nothing other than read a Baldacci, “The Innocent,” another in the Will Robie series.  I did pick up all of the Ruth Galloways and will read my way through those as well.  Happy Lazy Birthday weekend!