But at least I was by myself.

Watching the news on Fox this morning, Curt the Cyber Guy’s segment was coming up…WITH back to school tips for equipment the kiddies will love…so, cut to Curt coming out to join everyone on the “Curvy Couch.”  A grown man wearing a backpack and riding a scooter.  You know…one of those one-footed propelled things kids use…looking very pleased with himself.  Suddenly he went off camera and the three people on the curvy couch erupted in cries of shock and rose in unison rushing forward…there was Curt the Cyber guy on the floor rolling from impact, a really bad fall.  I tried to suppress a giggle, but was soon in a full blown belly laugh, all the while calling myself a fiend.  But I just couldn’t help it; I’m laughing now remembering it, all the while knowing that the klutz in me is perfectly capable of doing this, only…I don’t think I would ride a scooter wearing a backpack at my age.

By the time they cut back to camera, he was on his feet.