I can the now add one other lovely thing I’ve seen from my back porch.  Haven’t seen one in years and year, but this morning there is a gorgeous rainbow off my porch in the Southwestern sky.  Can’t remember the last time I saw one, always beautiful to see, and always a great omen.  I made a wish right then and there.

Awakened with a teeth rattling sinus headache.  No matter.  Overslept past 7AM Mass, and it still drizzling but somehow the entire morning seems tinted with delicate blue, like the blue that flashes from an opal, reminding me of Lafcadio Hearn, how he loved the color blue and used it in his imagery.  It’s a lovely morning.

Spent much of yesterday afternoon and evening reading Elly Griffiths’ first Ruth Galloway mystery, “The Crossing Places.”  I have to say this is one of the best mysteries I have ever read, the setting on salt marshes near Norfolk, the wildness and seclusion, I have to read up more about that area of England, the prehistoric history, the Druids, I’m gobbling it all up.I really think you would like this book.

When I realized that my birthday this year falls on a Monday, I came to a very mature decision:  no way was I going to work on my birthday on a Monday morning.  Requested a vacation day, it was approved and next weekend will be a three dayer.  And I know exactly what I’m going to do on it:  I’m having lunch at Ye Olde College Inn!  You have an open invitation to join me.

Well, I think I have a sinus gunk thing going on this morning, maybe all weekend.  Coughed so much I’ve ruptured blood vessel in one of my eyes and it’s all vampire red.  Lovely.  In short, feeling a bit under the weather, so I’m going to take it easy.  As the priest told me after the strokes when I was too tired to go to Mass, offer my rest to God as my prayer.  Well, this morning I will do that, but first I offered my joy to Him in seeing that rainbow!  And I’m so glad it wasn’t on a flag.