Well, I really just pooped out about an hour ago, I’m not going to 4PM Mass today because I seriously doubt I have the energy to sing. And when I get tired like this, doing something I’m not up to becomes a chore and I never want to view Mass that way.  So, I’ll go tomorrow at 7AM after a good night’s sleep.  Maybe it’s the weather, or I did a lot, whatever.

I was watching “Food Paradise” on the Travel Channel, and this episode is about best sandwiches across the nation.  What a wonderful surprise it was to see they featured, Ye Olde College Inn!  Of course, the bread of choice, THE best French bread to be found in New Orleans, was Leideneimer’s.  You have to go to the store early before it sells out.  The two po’boys featured were huge, piled high, mouth watering things I can now no longer eat, but God, if I could…The Fried Green Tomato and Shrimp Remoulade po’boy–have you ever had New Orleans true New Orleans Shrimp Remoulade?  It’s unbelieable–creamy spice sauce that’s coral colored; and my favorite po’boy of all time although I can no longer eat it:  The Fried Oyster Po-Boy.  Gorgeous oysters fried in their secret spice flour, piled on Leidenheimers then layered with smoked bacon and thin slices of Havarti.  They’ve taken these two sandwiches beyond the traditional, but goodness.  Shrimp Remoulade was never put on a po’boy before.  I’ve loved that restaurant all of my life and it’s so good to see it’s gotten this type of attention.  It’s in a different building now, close to the original, after Katrina, but on the same block of Carrollton Avenue, and the inside is very cozy and charming.

Going to take a shower and crash.  I was really fighting going to sleep.  And as Bert Lahr said in the poppy field, I could use forty winks myself.