It’s been raining steadily for the last few days but New Orleans has managed to escape any flooding.  Not so to the North and West of us, and it’s pretty bad.  This is a slow moving system that won’t be gone until tomorrow and you know, I’m sorry for the trouble it’s caused, including two drownings.  From my end, it has provided days that I love, and the sound of rain has provided deep peaceful sleep.

This morning when I awakened and rose, I saw where the wind had knocked over my blue porch chair.  Stepped outside to straighten and instead of steamy tropical air, it was deliciously cool.  There was a strong breeze blowing mainly from the South, and rain sprinkles splashing, it was wonderful.  The house hasn’t gotten a good airing since the spring, it’s simply been too hot, but this morning I left the porch door wide open, opened the kitchen window and storm door window, and the Ernest Hemingway Room window.  That wonderful air has been pouring in, along with the sound of an occasional car going through puddles.  All is gray and cozy, my coffee mug filled with Starbucks French Roast (I’m from Louisiana and I do like Starbucks) looks just right by my laptop for some reason.  Don’t know what it is about the South wind that draws the fragrance out of that now rather old eucalyptus hanging by my recliner, but it certainly is doing exactly that.

Stopped by Joe W’s after work yesterday planning to get just a few things and something made me just shop for the week.  Maybe because it will be a good day to stay off the streets.  A Blue Jay just mouthed off, and the crows across from my back porch were sipping from the street puddles.  I remember, before acid rain stopped us, how delicious rain water tasted.

You know, it was weather such as today that made it perfect to be in the French Quarter.

Driving home this week reaching the cemeteries, I noticed they’ve opened a new tearoom with a weird name, can’t remember it or decide if it’s Hindu, Druid, what, but it advertises, “divinations.”  It’s right by the cemeteries and I asked, “are they crazy?”  But it’s painted in pretty colors.

The wind is rustling the palm trees and I just heard something blow over in the living room, probably the irises (silk).

Feel like doing something New Orleans this morning, but can’t ferret out what it actually is, but it will have to be done from home because I’m not stirring until it’s time for Mass at 4PM.