Got semi soaked going home last night; rained very hard and I had to stop by Canseco’s.

But did I sleep!  Overslept until nearly 6AM, so there wasn’t time for me to say my rosary and chaplet this morning.  I planned to say them in the car on the way to work, using the little plastic standby I keep there.  But somehow, remembering this is when my prayers for Will Smith would start, I wanted to use my new one that’s always by the recliner.  Put it in my purse and prayed on it driving in to work.  It was a morning such that I love.  Dark gray low skies, making everything cozy; driving under oak branches on  Metairie Road and then Canal Street and saying my prayers.  Thought I’d show you this rosary.  I’m glad I started praying this way because I think something special happened yesterday morning.

Crazy thought to put out there; been popping in my head.  I wonder if I could be of assistance to police investigations…on a sixth sense type of level.  Idea keeps coming from somewhere.


Photo on 8-11-16 at 1.51 PM