Busy/lazy day.  Don’t feel like writing much this evening.  Early this morning cooked a pot of homemade veggie soup, just had a small bowl a little while ago, it was delicious.  Made oven gumbo also, for the week, and jasmine rice.  Couldn’t stay long at Joan’s reception, but it was nice and I got to hear the last part of Mass at 9AM.  Definitely hooked on David Baldacci, finished, “The Guilty” this afternoon and really enjoyed it.  Started reading, “Voodoo Moon,” but after the first three chapters told from the narrative point of other characters, when the main character, Payne, took over in first person, find that I don’t like him nor the other characters at all, and the story is not gripping me.  Will give it a bit chance.  Maybe started it too soon at The Guilty and was still enjoying what I had read once I had finished it.  I liked to read, “Absolute Power.”  I did like that Clint Eastwood movie very much although the critics didn’t seem to…who cares?

I’m really not enjoying “Ray Donovan” that much this season.  I might let Showtime go from my packet.  They don’t often show movies I like, unlike STARZ, nor program other than Ray Donovan in the past and Penny Dreadful, that won’t be back.

Well, it seems stupid to say that I’m going crash when I’ve basically crashed all day and snoozed for half and hour in the recliner to boot.  But I’m feeling a good, lazy tired, and that’s always good news for sleep.

Oh,just heard a nice story on the news.  A bride in Pennsylvania who got married this weekend couldn’t have her father walk down the aisle because her father was killed ten years ago.  His heart went to another man who was at death’s door and saved his life.  So the man, who had the heart of this girl’s father, is the one who walked her down the aisle.  That’s such a sweet story!