Next week, schools reopen.

No more calm, pleasurable rides under crape myrtles and oaks.

No more quick zips into work sans schools zones.  (I go through four; one is five blocks long, all equipped with cameras to catch you if you go six miles over the 20 mile speed limit.  So far, won’t say I’ve been lucky, just crawl, ergo, no tickets).  All on a street filled with manic parents getting their kids to school and going to work.

The red light runners on Canal and Broad will return.

I will have to leave earlier from home than I do now.

All of that listed above seems minor compared to the heart stopping jolts to be experienced by being cut in front of; the obnoxious, self-righteous bikers running stop signs and weaving across lanes without checking to see they have clearance…the road rage I suppress as a death bed promise to my mother…come Christmas, parking on higher levels in the parking garage to avoid the seasonal robberies…oh, it all ends next week, the peace has passed too soon…the lunatics will reclaim the road, fingers will flip especially when they’re in the wrong…