images-9 images-6 images-8 images-10 images-7I’ve just learned there’s a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico named Earl.  My dear little storm!  It’s headed to Mexico I believe, so we needn’t worry, I hope.

About two hours or more ago, possibly three, felt a warm rush of feeling from your direction that was fuzzy warm and light as air.  Is something going on?

Here are some of George Rodrigue’s, God rest him, Blue Dogs, Blue Dogs with his hurricanes, and one you might like especially.

I watched, “The Blues Brothers” for the first time last week, after all these years.  To me the funniest scene was when they went to visit, “the Penguin,” and Joliet Jake told her she was up “shit’s creek.”  She promptly rapped him with a ruler, which caused him to cry out, “Jesus!” and she rapped him again, and again he cried out another epithet, which only prompted more rapid rapping and by this time Elwood had joined in the cries of words not suited to say around a nun and he began rapping the both of them and they kept cursing, not out of defiance, but reaction.  The rest of the movie was okay.