First, I am sorry for any family that loses someone for any reason, and for fighting in a war like the Khans.

Second, I thought Mr. Khan’s speech at the DNC was a particular attack against Donald Trump, but owed it to grief at the loss of his son; especially when Trump did nothing to cause the death, unlike the Obama Administration, and Killary, with their lousy, failed Mid-East policies.

Third, I heard Trump’s response to Mr. Khan’s attack, and frankly, I don’t see what was so horrible about it.  Yes, he could have extended sympathy for the death of the son; but I don’t see where he actually attacked the family in a vicious way; let’s face it, the man is not a silver tongued bastard but I don’t think it merits the crucifixion  he’s getting.  Hillary Clinton calling the mother of a Benghazi victim a liar (about her own lies) after causing the deaths is much worse to me.

Now, having said that, please read this report about Mr. Khan.  He is in bed with the Clinton Foundation, and payment for immigration.  The Clinton network really is a tenuous thing, isn’t it, and how far it’s interwoven into everything is unsettling.  And I even mean to the point of rigging the vote count for the presidential election.

In other words, I am very sorry for this family’s loss; and I don’t trust their motives for as far as I could toss them.