Well, I see they made a remake of Ben-Hur, probably my favorite movie of all.  Oh my gracious, I’ve seen clips.

  1. What the hell kind of accent is that used by Ben-Hur? And Jeez, those teeth!
  2. So, it’s his brother that betrays them all to Rome.
  3. And this is the corker that does it in for me:  There is the chariot race, which, in the original, has to be one of the finest choreographed and executed scenes ever.  In the current one, there eveyone is on the field, tumbling and screaming, and what does it in for me is this cry:  “Are we having fun yet, Brother?!”  Oh, Brother, that’s bad.
  4. In the original, when the opening titles play, the screen proclaims:



    Five will get you then that second line won’t appear on this version.

On a different topic, saw where Killary Clanton received Four Pinocchios from the Washington Post for–gasp–imagine–blatant lying.  In her interview with Chris Wallace of FOX News she actually claimed that FBI Director Comey, in essence, exonerated her of wrongdoing in the email investigation.

I did watch, “The Patriot” again.  Googled some of the arrogant complaints against its historical inaccuracy.  Lighten up, people.  It’s a movie supposed to entertain, it never claimed to be a text book or documentary.  Some people wrote, I’ts no Braveheart!  Braveheart took liberties with history also but the gist of it was right.

This season I find that “Ray Donovan” is all over the place.  There was a truly bizarre scene where Ray and a breast cancer victim who has one breast, the other cut away, have sex in a room with special effects of the universe and Northern lights and stars in the Milky Way swirling overhead.  All while his own wife is facing breast cancer.  Troubling.

Photo on 8-1-16 at 9.13 AM