Sunday Mass, beautiful sunrise before; no AC in church and of course I chose today to wear long sleeves; but it was a lovely Mass.  Had to do groceries, or make groceries, as they say here in N’awlinns…went to Zupps.  So hot today.  Cooked this morning just simple things–oven fried chicken, skinless thighs; smothered two hamburger steaks in onion with a little green pepper; and right now a lovely, lean roast is roasting with onion, a little celery, shallots, carrots, all in red wine, of course.  Food for the week.  Need to cook jasmine rice; can’t wait until that perfume fills the house.

Thank you for going to Communion with me.  It was especially dear this morning.

Do you know Joe Montana’s son, I think he was the little baby riding atop the convertible with Joe and his wife when they won the SuperBowl here in January 1990, graduated from Tulane!  Can still that infant; time just flies so quickly.

Yesterday when I was writing my piece, I kind of worked a theme of scripture into one of the stories–not a quote, but the theme and wondered what made me say that and then I realized it was all too true–and this morning Dr. Jeremiah mentioned the exact scripture quote…one of my favorites…”In my Father’s house there are many mansions…I go before you to prepare a place for you.”  I love those confirmations.

I taped, “The Patriot,” when I saw it was on again a couple of days ago.  I’m still in the mood to watch it again since seeing “Legends and Lies” about the Swamp Fox.  Might watch it this afternoon.  Going to watch my ghost show in a few minutes.

It’s a gorgeous day, but so hot. Tomorrow is August already!  Soon it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas when it just seems that they were only here.  And my birthday on the 22nd.  And I still feel like a kid; only wiser.  It’s good to be happy!

PS.  Thursday night had a dream; you got another AA nomination.