Well, 20 minutes ago finished six of the seven sections I have to write.  Simply just pooped out.  Have been writing on my laptop in the recliner most comfortably, but ran out of steam.  Too late to try for choir and Mass, bummer, missed two weeks in a row.  One more section to write.  I’d like to finish it today.

But nevertheless, besides the fatigue, I’ve had glorious fun writing about the culture of my state, in a region, Plantation Country, that is one of my favorites of all!

Big purple cumulus clouds rising in the south; threatening rain, I’d like a shower and to crash with a Jack and soda, but there nags that perhaps I can finish everything today.

How was your day?

Do you remember Bargain Bound?  Did I ever tell you that when  I was at River Bend it was about a block away from me?  There was also a video store nearby and at lunch sometimes I’d walk there and look at a video sleeve of a movie that had the word Bars in it.  I’d stare at the picture of the handsome leading man, loving the way he looked with that haircut in the dark blue business suit and red power tie.