Now that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been exposed for the manipulating, rigging, dishonest phony that she is and has stepped down as chairman of the DNC, with all of her machinations done to favor her good friend, Hildebeast Clinton, she has naturally gone to the place that welcomes her with open arms:  she will be chairman of the Clinton campaign.  I didn’t support Bernie Sanders although I liked him but not his ridiculous socialistic platform.  And I didn’t like the way Romney tried to keep Trump from getting the nomination.  But the Republicans didn’t rig the system this way completely.  The voters in the primaries spoke and for the most part their wishes were honored.  In the case of the DNC, no matter how much I disagree with Sanders, the wishes of the people who voted for him were not honored, everything was circumvented, God how I hate circumvention.  And that’s why I can’t stand the Democratic party.  What DWS and her cronies is like a totalitarian government a dictatorship.  And that’s why I’m terrified of HRC becoming president.

Perhaps they should also let this wonderful representative of the Democratic speak at the convention.