There was too much to do yesterday so I missed 4PM Mass and choir, and did miss them literally, and went to 7AM Mass this morning.

Yesterday evening, after buying two lean (the cackle and greens start tomorrow) lamb shoulder chops from Joe W, I made the most divine lamb curry; simmered it very low for two hours after sauteeing onions, adding salt free stock and then minced garlic.  So tender, juts the right amount of subtle curry flavor, succulent and had this over jasmine rice at about 9PM last night.  Mon Dieu, slept the sleep of the angels last night.

Today I made pumpkin curry, roasted chicken with lemon, garlic and rosemary for the week and right now I’m slowly simmering a very small batch of vegetarian tomato gravy with mushrooms, garlic, onions, basil from my front porch, and dried oregano (also from my front porch) to serve over whole wheat pasta.  Anything left, I will freeze.   Made a mock Sangria last night–just chilled red wine with oodles of orange slices; tres bien.

I had taped, “The Beguiled,” with Clint Eastwood and started watching it this afternoon.  But I find it a very taut story ( a very good one) that I don’t want to watch alone, not that it’s scary but simply because the last time I watched it twenty-five years ago I was not alone and I miss the one I was watching it with.  Do you know, in that vast miracle, that in between space in the ethers where we could read each others minds, I used to love to feel and know your perspective on each scene of everything we shared.

Well, time to clean up not that I’m dirty, and get in to the old nightshirt and settle down.  I honestly can’t face the news–I tried–and as I promised, no mention of politics this weekend, hopefully, maybe not for the week.