Let me be blunt.  I can’t stand Ted Cruz.  During the primaries he showed himself to be a liar, such as spreading rumors Ben Carson was dropping out, distributing lying printed material, the supposed PAC that started the nude Melania Trump pictures low down campaign that he claimed he knew nothing about, yeah, right…but last night really took the cake.  He basically address the Republican convention, that is Trump’s convention, and made a self-aggrandizing, self-promotional speech and did not endorse Trump.  I’m so glad he was booed off the stage; and some of the big whigs in the sky boxes to which he had been invited refused to admit him after his speech.

Today, after the media and Republican firestorm brought about his actions last night, his really cheap behavior,  he is saying he could not endorse Trump because Trump has maligned his wife and father.   Really.  If I felt so strongly about that I wouldn’t have even attended the convention let alone get up and make a speech.  His “outrage” over his wife and father–brought on by insults to Melania Trump–however, didn’t keep him from exposing himself on national television in the spotlight and opening his pie hole to keep himself in the limelight.  I dislike this man almost as much as I despise Clinton and Obama.  Almost.

And I do think it’s a disgrace Kasich, as governor of Ohio, is not there.  Good Lord, they’re all acting like babies because the people spoke and gave the nomination to Trump.  Grow up, own your defeat, and unite your party so we can defeat that hag.  All of them, except Trump at first, said they would back the candidate of choice.  At least Trump was honest.  All of them except for Christie, Huckabee, Carson, Perry, Rubio have reneged out of pettiness.  Shame on them.  And shame on that hypocrite, lying, phony Cruz.  He reminds me of Granpa Munster.


Photo on 7-21-16 at 1.05 PM