Home now; cleaned up, red nightshirt; rain threatening. Two treats in the mail:  check for articles written and a book.  A book I’ve been searching for unable to find until two weeks ago.  It’s called, “The Intruders,” by Pat Montandon.  The true story of her ordeal living in a haunted house on crooked Lombard Street in San Francisco during the late sixties.  So many years ago when I was in my twenties,working at Tulane Med School, a young medical student approached me with this book that he had found in the library and read.  He said he was aware I believed in the unexplained and thought I would love reading this book; all he asked was that I not mention to anyone that he, as a medical student, to any professors or other students, was also a believer and that I simply return the book to the library when done.  As the library was one block away, that was no trouble.  And he was really a very fine student; his grades were excellent.  I liked him.

This was a one-sitting read.  It disappeared from the library and has not been catalogued for years; I did google searches to no avail, and something made me try two weeks ago and I hit pay dirt.  Amazon had it in paperback and it arrived today.  What’s more, it’s the size of the hardcover I remember, with the same cover, in excellent condition because it’s brand new.  I’m looking forward to reading it very much again; (and the print is large.)

It’s threatening rain, wow, a huge gust of wind from the East just hit the palms outside the Ernest Hemingway Room.  Going to settle down and watch the convention.  Hope I don’t lose my signal!