I watched the Republican convention last night, first tried FOX, but the coverage was so annoying–a panel kept speaking while music or the guest speakers could be plainly heard in the background.  So, switched to C-Span and they were showing it completely.  Some of the speeches were good, some okay, and there’s a huge flap over Melania Trump using some of Michelle Obama’s lines from 2008.  But I did read some of the twitter snark from people like Michael Moore who joked, “someone is accusing Hillary of killing someone…” as if it was one huge joke, when in actuality it was the mother of one of the Benghazi four who was killed when Hillary did nothing as Secretary of State to stop it, and then lied to all of the family members this was caused by a video when she knew better.  Don’t think a mother giving a heartbroken speech about her son’s death should be the subject of a joke, but then Michael Moore has always been an asshole.  Sarah Silverman tweeted, “might white of you Chachi,” to Scott Baio’s appearance, and Lord, you know me, I had to just tweet back to her, “at least he doesn’t need diapers like you do…”  since she still has an issue with bed wetting.

Today I found a video of Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican convention in 2012.  And some of it was funny in a way when you don’t want to laugh.  But, still you don’t make fun of an eighty-something year-old icon…and all of this has gotten me to take stock.

It seems you laugh and agree with all of the people that I laugh AT and disagree WITH.  Am I right or wrong, or is this the persona you feel you must project.  You know, tired of questions, of wondering.  I guess if you want to align yourself with a pack of high toned baboons who find yourselves so clever, that’s your affair, not mine.