I’ve beit)en glued to the news all afternoon; we had a lot of thunderstorms and twice my signal went out just when I wanted to hear what was going on in Baton Rouge just ninety miles away from me.  I was moved by the statements made by the law enforcement officials, especially Chief Gautreaux (pronounced Go-Tro, syllables rhyme with each other, but no one on Fox seem to get it) when he said this was not about gun control but what was sin a man’s heart.

I was dreading the statements to be made by our Divider-in-Chief, Obama, and was surprised at his statements actually condemning violence against police, supporting them–but with the surprise came the bitter taste is my mouth that this was too little too late; after years of hearing him denigrate the police and make public statements rising to rush judgment, always throwing them under the bus, in other words, being a major contributor to what has happened by his lousy leadership and lack thereof, it felt like being slapped on the face and then have someone say, Oh, I’m sorry.

Glad The Five came on with a little fun with their bus trip to Cleveland, and loved that Greg Gutfeld said it was good for them to get out of their NewYork bubble, leave the canyons of Manhattan and get out on the road to discover the real people, the ones who were the reality and to realize the real rubes were their bubble-dwelling selves (the New Yorkers).  Of course, Juan Williams had to try and keep feeding the misinformation that police officers are killing more blacks than white when it is the complete opposite.  And that’s a fact.  There was a wild, furious woman on a town hall the other night with Megyn Kelly, an African American woman who was so vitriolic that an African American gentlemen in the audience told her she was mindlessly spouting off–well, her explanation was that the police shooting more white people than blacks was because the whites are always guilty but the black never are.  This is childish blindness that won’t help anything.

Well, since it was part of my day, a very enjoyable part of the day to prepare, I must report on the Shepherd’s Pie.  I can honestly use the phrase I used to apply to Mom’s cooking when she’d ask me to taste: “it’s divine!”  It really, really is; and it’s filling–it’s a huge dish and as I cooked it in my clear pyrex bowel (a big one), I froze half of it for later down the road and will eat the part I didn’t freeze this week.

Praying for Baton Rouge, the fallen officers, their broken-hearted families, for the officer fighting for his life, and for all of us.  Dear God, please don’t let Hillary Clinton be elected or we will be lost.