this morning I awakened and remained in explicably happy for some reason.  I felt as if freedom had taken over in every way and there were no more shackles or bondage; clear air; the vacuum  snapped.  Was it my question about prison?

Well, it’s casual Friday of  a short week for me, and once again Tulane has allowed me admittance wearing my traitorous shirt.

I am definitely going shopping tomorrow; last night during the coverage of this tragedy in France, Fox broke to their sister station in the UK, Sky news.  A Brit anchor was interviewing another colleague, I believe, who was there at Nice.  Either this woman was completely addled by what happened or is a complete lamebrain.  The first thing out of her mouth was, “I said to my companion, this has really ruined our shop-ping trip here!”  “What??????”  I said to no one in particular.  She went on to describe what happened and then said in the course of all of it, “I was just getting up to go to the loo when…”  At that point, they broke back to Fox in a somewhat disgusted way and never interviewed her again.  And she had an annoying British accent.  Nasal and I don’t know what that’s from someone who think British, Scottish and Irish accents are among the most beautiful of all.

Well, the Emmys.  I can’t believe Catriona Balfe was snubbed, as were all the actors on Outlander.  The only nominations they received were for sets and costumes.  I agree The People vs. O.J. Simpson deserved a lot of nominations, but Cuba Gooding, Jr. did not deserve lead actor for playing OJ.  It was, at best, a very mediocre performance that seemed completely alien to Simpson.  Sterling K. Brown as Darden, and David Schwimmer at Kardashian deserved their nominations; Travolta as Shapiro did not.


Photo on 7-15-16 at 8.01 AM #2