I should not wear yellow!  It does something that unhinges me in a way; or does it make me smarter–it is the ray of the intellect!  But, I feel like going on a mad spending spree, a dip into Splurgesville, i.e., seeing some wiggle room in the budget enough to buy a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle, PARFUM; and the Outlander Kitchen, even the Crisis of Character book ( a quick check in the library queue showed me I am 27th in line, bummer!)  As I said, this is an envie, and hopefully reason in at least one direction will prevail.  No point in buying new sandals; that protruding toe is something to deal with, as it is, it hangs over the soles of the sandals I do have like a right turn signal.


Photo on 7-14-16 at 10.36 AM #2