Today is the 16th anniversary of Mom’s death.  It was a beautiful, sunny and hot day much like this one.  I remember driving across the lake after my brother called me early in the morning at work to tell me she was gone.  I was crying my eyes out, but I was happy she was free from all that she had been enduring.  Funny how details stick in your mind.  I remember I was wearing a peach-colored linen dress that smelled of starch, and I was also wearing a Crabtree and Evelyn perfume called, “Nantucket Briar.”  I’ve never been able to tolerate its scent since then.

This morning watching the news, we were told that Harrison Ford in 74 years old today.  Isn’t it funny in this way.  Back in 1987, the summer Mom and I were in Marksville, I was in the kitchen, Earl was there, Mom was in the living room in her big chair reading the newspaper.  We had both loved the movie, “Witness,” and Harrison Ford’s performance in it.  I was pouring a cup of coffee and Mom called from the living room, “Jeanne, today Harrison Ford is 45 years old!”  “Wow,” I said, “he doesn’t look it!”  I remember that like yesterday.  And then after Mom died, one day years, years ago I was again watching the news and the announcement came, today Harrison Ford is sixty-something years old today!”  July 13, the day she told me about his birthday, and the day that would one day be on the one on which she died.

But this morning driving to work, after I stopped to get some buttermilk doughnuts for my office workers at Joe W’s, I decided to say a rosary for Mom on the way here.  I was going to pray for the repose of her soul, but then I just said, heck, I’m praying this to celebrate her life and all that she brought to mine!  So, it was almost a happy birthday for her, and there was no sadness.  July 13.

And tomorrow is Bastille Day, a day she always loved.