I watched the memorial service yesterday for the five slain police officers.  It was very moving, and beautiful, and I was so glad to see George and Laura Bush there.  Bush gave the most  beautiful speech, and at one point, the entire place rose in standing ovation.  He was there as a unifier with Obama, and of course, because he started swaying during the most rousing rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, the twitters and other jackasses have come out to pick him apart instead of focusing on his beautiful message.  It was good to hear his voice again, and midway through his speech I said, “Bushy, I’ve missed you!”  Link to speech included.

At first I thought Obama was giving the best speech of his political life that was non-divisive, and appropriate to the tragedy, but he just had to inject politics in it and gun control, and that blew it for me.  It wasn’t the time nor the place.  He just can’t help himself.  But it was a beautiful service, in many ways, a very Southern service with Baptist overtones, where people do sway to the music and singing of the choir.  Haters will be haters regardless.