I have found it surprising in a good way that I have been wanting very much to see a baseball game, almost with the hungry passion I used to have for the game, that went into a remission of sorts with the loss of two loved ones, one in death, one otherwise.  Dismayed to discover WGN no longer broadcasts the Cubs games as they used to every afternoon at 1PM; it seems the MLB network has a monopoly? and it’s not part of my cable package anymore.  But tonight, it is the All Stars game, the mid season event.  Do you know that the Cubs have seven players voted in to play tonight, and that they are on top of their division right now?  So I think I will settle in and watch it, maybe switch a minute or two to the news, but tonight, I’m not sad to watch baseball, it’s coming at a perfect time on Fox Broadcast the same channel that carries the NFL.  Since the Cubs are such a part of the National League Team, going to have to break with my tradition of supporting the American league and root for the National.