Sorry, still dealing with the unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth after the snake speaks.  And I’m sick of the subject and want to just go forward.  Before I mention what has probably stuck in my craw the most, as a contrast to what stuck in my craw the most, I want to thank you for the praise you have given America.  You said it, unlike your native country, wasn’t a land that tried to hold people back and keep them entrapped in class cages.  We weren’t a land of snobbery.  Some of the things I’ve heard you say about America are more American than many I have heard from Americans.  It reminded me of something a wonderful, late, East Indian doctor told me at a party almost ten years ago; he was very frail, ill, and couldn’t rise with ease from a sofa; I gladly brought him a glass of wine and we spoke.  He told me had lived in many countries, as an Indian, throughout the world, and there was no nation like America when it came to accepting him as he was and not holding him back.  The rest of the world was not like this.  He touched me very much.  When I went to his wake, his widow wore the beautiful white sari that denotes an Indian widow; sitar music played, and his ashes were in a beautiful urn; as a Christian woman, I felt I was in a holy place, you could feel it.

So to  now what has stuck in my craw about stories from across the pond.  It all goes to respecting borders.  It galls me as an American, another “American” went to a foreign country and told the British press we’ve come very far to elect Obama and because we are considering electing Hillary Clinton president.  Really, were we really that far behind in human rights to begin with?  Calling fellow Americans “illogical” because they support Donald Trump is another slam to a foreign nation about America; it’s so Obamaesque.  You know, you just don’t go to a foreign nation and diss your country with this backhanded compliment about coming so far.  Especially when you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.  I would have had to respond to that question with a question, i.e., when have you ever elected your first black Prime Minister; when are you going to stop with the restricting class distinctions; and of all the 650members of the House of Commons, why are less than  15 or 20 of mixed African British blood, and only one full black blooded member sitting?  Yes, I would have said that even if I was desperate to sell tickets to a movie.  I’m stupidly loyal that way.

Feel the need to point something out to you I don’t think you’ve grasped through that thicken wooden skull of yours.  The things I’ve told you about the party in question is not constructive criticism for you to pass along for improvement.  It’s been a long standing attempt to open your eyes to the situation you’re in with the hope that you will realize and end it.  Hello, knock, knock, anybody home?