When you think about your upbringing, do you really think your parents raised you to be the person with the occupation you hold?  I mean, I wound up becoming a writer and along the way I acted, sketched, painted, sang, but I can’t say I was brought up to be that in particular.  I was brought up to find my own way, make my own choices, and take responsibility and not forget my family.  Once again I am confronted by someone with a conspicuous lack of real talent calling themselves an artist. Just as I see real artists, real creative geniuses, real talents not even bothering to classify themselves in that way.  It is the new, getting rather old  now as generations pass, way of the less thans who make a big noise elevate their level to–and it brings with it a modicum of the impression of making an excuse. I am an artist, therefore, when you don’t share my slanted, Plutonian vision, it is because I Am An Artist And You Are Not.  Unless, of course, the connections you have make one reluctant to call something out for what it is, and then of course, more expedient to say I Share Your Twisted Plutonian Vision.  I’m sure there must be some sort of -ism for this latter movement, but danged if I care to know what it is.  Let us just say, it is not…picaresque.  Is there such a thing as The Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome?  Must channel Freud on that one.  What do you do when the zeitgeist satirizes the zeitgeist?  Is that even a possibility?  And in the final analysis, who gives a rat’s ass about the zeitgeist and the vision of the zeitgeist, i.e., my personal term for them, the Zeti’s.  Or the Oids.  How on earth did you ever wind up with this mandrake root?  Doesn’t it make you want to shriek?  No pun intended, but Jeeeeezzz!

Taking all of the above into consideration, this is my analysis. Drum roll, please.  People who are privileged, have a lot of time on their hands to spin their webs and stare at their belly buttons in their own microcosm of either angst, hysteria, hallucinogens, whatever, in other words, figuratively sitting on their asses not having to work fall into the category of idleness is the Devil’s playground.  And spawn a lot of deviltry unless their inner compass is already fine tuned to what is righteous, just, fair because deep down they were born naturally valiant, good, a pure spirit.  They also have a divine spark of genius given to them by God; but not the Zeti’s who force their “creations” out of the constipation of their own blockage, or void, of not having talent but desperately wanting to be, “an artist.”  They have constipated minds, you know, full of gas and hot air and whirling winds that nevertheless remain constipated.  Madame Constipated Mind.

These and their ilk, who look down their noses at the non-idle and call them the little men, are grossly mistaken.  Because the non-idle who work for a living, are intellectually involved far more than the Zeti’s; their minds are focused on their jobs and not their belly buttons, families to feed, the whole brilliant creative play of swallowing shit in such a way that you get to keep your job and your wits about you.  They deal with people of all sorts and have to mentally adjust to that; the personalities, the trouble shooting,the fires that need to be put out; that goes for office and manual labor.  Then let’s start on the people in the helping services, the ones who see suffering on a daily basis, hear and see unspeakable things in the service of mankind,police, medicals,fireman, social workers…look down your noses at them after you’ve sat it out all day in Disneyland if they don’t want to go home and discuss isms and ologies, but just want to crash with a brewsky, glass of vino, in front of some non-isms, ologies, television program to erase the day, the reality of the day that the Zeitgeist avoids.

I’m typing this and wondering when it is going to appear in the next interview.  Because, have to admit, I’ve been keeping track of all the reinvention going on since I’ve been making these points the last six weeks and the latest was the redefinition of this person as a mother as compared to previous interviews…it’s been good for a laugh, you know, and that’s no slam at you.  I don’t care if it would come from you only because in my heart I know you feel the same.  But I have been enjoying the acrobats of a show off, and jeez, those eyes.