I ran into KMart this morning to get a cheap swiffer duster.  I had to go to the Courtesy booth with a questions, and there’s always been a very nice African American lady there who helped me.  I thanked her for her kindness and she said suddenly, “Ma’am, please, you stay safe, you hear?  You stay safe.”  I wished the same to her but I know what she meant.   So, she’s on my prayer list for life, also.

This will be another dinner of spreads.  I’m going to let the cassoulet sit overnight in the fridge to soak up the flavors; that’s actually a trick we’ve always used with one pot dishes and it’s effective.  I think my next Scottish cooking project will the Outlander recipe for Shepherd’s Pie with ground lamb.  But never haggus, never, and there’s no recipe for that in this book.

Speaking of Outlander, the season finale is tonight and it’s 90 minutes long.  Didn’t I suggest that last year or did I suggest two hours?  Glad they took my advice!  (Tee-Hee, as opposed to LOL).  I’m sick of Internet jargon.  Yesterday I bought a six pack of one of Abita’s new brews called, “The Big Easy.”  As Jason, the beer dude at Joe W’s said, and he’s quite a brewsky connoisseur of microbrews, “it’s light but has a kick!”  After that headache, don’t know why I wanted to a beer so badly, hardly drink them anymore, but I felt like I needed to wash my insides with a cold one.  And true to his word, it was light with a kick.  It’s an IPA, brewed with lemon peels and I can’t tell you how delicious that citrus edge was to this brew that I served in a frosted goblet and enjoyed the pretty yellow color and white Brussell’s lace that clung to the sides of the glass.  What’s more, it was extremely filling and refreshing and one was quite enough.  Perfect for summer.

Was watching Megyn Kelly last night not because I like her but for breaking news and she went through a particularly heated interview.  When it ended, she stopped, looked at the camera pointedly, gave this most contrived shiver and said dramatically with such phony elan, “There’s so much tension in the air–can you feel it?”  Repeat shudder.  I could have pulled an Elvis.

At 7 PM,  I’m switching off the news to the watch the previous episode of Outlander called, The Hail Mary, and that will lead into the finale.  I’m going to miss this show.  But I will start on the books soon.  Lord, my own deadline is next Friday…oh, well, nothing like procrastination!