Spectacular downpour falling right now; classic New Orleans afternoon shower, you know, those slow, rainy afternoons in N’awlinns…”  That Blanche would love.

Thunder booming; I love it.

The lawyer for the police officer in Minnesota who shot that man while his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath on Facebook has spoken.  The police officer is a minority–a Hispanic named Inez.  Claims are this that so far appear to be documented:  he did not stop this man as a part of racial profiling–insinuated by Obama and Hillary Clinton (more on her later).  He very closely fit the description of a robbery suspect that had been circulated among police two days earlier.  Dispatch tapes, before he policeman approached the car, have him reporting in that Castillo resembled the suspect.  I believe they also pick up Officer Inez reporting, I see a gun in his lap.  Castillo had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  The officer saw the gun in his lap and reportedly told him repeatedly not to move, something that Castillo ignored.  That isn’t to say he was going to shoot the officer, but he was told, with a gun in his lap not to move. There are reports that freeze frames of his girlfriend’s video do indeed show a gun in Castillo’s lap. And the girlfriend is changing her statement somewhat, but if all of this is true, there’s no way this can be called a racist act of policing on the part of an officer who is actually running down a possible suspect, and please remember, he is also a minority,  and if, Castillo, with a gun in his lap, was told by a police officer NOT to move,but kept moving, then all I can say is that this is a terrible tragedy of circumstances, born out of a mistake on the part of Castillo who was innocent I’m sure, but good Lord, there’s no malice aforethought with this officer, no racial hatred, and  even though the whole thing upset me when I saw it, I don’t know how his girlfriend could have live streamed and reported on the whole thing while he lay beside her writhing and moaning.   Because we only so far before this had her side of what happened from the point the video started.  So, perhaps she should be held accountable for a lot of this wretched mess.  Now, before knowing all of these possibilities, President Giant Piehole immediately condemn policing against black men in America for these shootings.  Sometimes I truly think that social media is going to be the ruination of all civilization.

Now to the Hildebeast.  I believe it was Wolf Blitzer who asked her if she was indeed negligent as FBI Director Comey said.  Her reply:  I believe he clarified what he meant.  Now I saw in a Brit newspaper today how someone you now supports her because for some reason, no matter the quality of the candidate, nor ability to adequately govern and unite, we somehow, because we elected Obama president and are poised to possibly elect Killary, we have come a long way.  And the idea of Trump depresses her.  Well, I can see why, because most liars, prevaricators, phonies and plagiarists can’t stand a straight shooter.  But I know you can.  I will ask a humble favor of you in case you are ever broached with the subject of the presidential election.  If you don’t truly believe the quotes I’ve just outlined above, please don’t go along with them because you feel you must distance yourself from any opinion I might have.  I’m not asking you to make telling, dramatic, oratorical dissertations; how about, just a, no comment.  Or something that skirts it very well.   One thing I do know:  your expertise is the reason her pitiful bits of crap get whipped into shape for acceptance.

Think I will go to Mass anyway for 4PM!