Well, the cassoulet has been in the oven a little over one hour now.  It took most of the morning to prepare, but I had fun.  I think this one had even more steps than the one Mom and I made together years ago, and I did deviate a little.  It smells really wonderfully delicious in here right now; I’m also dying to go for a swim but this has to cook another two hours in the oven.  I think I might invest in buying this cookbook.  The Coral Knob on a–forgive me–a width-wise slices pistolette that I roasted like crostini–was a delicious breakfast, the flavors having married perfectly.  This one’s a keeper.  In order to keep from staining a borrowed library book in the kitchen, I kept walking from the dining room table back and forth to the kitchen; good exercise, but I think I want this book.  I now know how to make clotted cream, something that always intrigued me in English books.  Come to Looziana and I’ll make you a Scottish egg!  And I will take a page from this book in the future.  The author wrote the only wine she likes to cook with is dry vermouth; I usually have a bottle on hand not that I drink many martinis anymore (anymore than I can no longer drink Scotch–one Friday evening at Dorignac’s they passed out samples of Glenlivet and I took a sip and nearly reeled–it was like that time in the Blue Ridge mountains  and I ordered a mason jar of moonshine.  The bouquet alone nearly did me in) but I did use the dry Vermouth to deglaze the pan after I browned the onions and have to agree it’s so far the most delicious wine to cook with, in the white variety.  This author, on her island, with her husband to whom he dedicated her book–he is an Englishman, she is an American:  To Howard, my Englishman.  You look and sound a lot like Frank, but your heart and love is pure Jamie–she describes herself as a bookworm who loves to read, cook, write, and schlep around the shops, fields, home on her island with Howard and Koda, her rather cute dog.  I imagine an island in the Pacific Northwest is gorgeous, and that’s a region I’ve always wanted to visit.

I might not make it to 4PM Mass today.