The heat index now is 106 degrees.

Another thing.  I saw Obama’s press conference from Warsaw this afternoon.  I’m going to have to stop watching the news or I will have another stroke.  He actually brought up slavery and the Jim Crow laws that are long, long over.  But he persists in picking at old wounds to inflame black people.  They interviewed a bunch of the Baton Rouge protesters last night.  They are genuinely inflamed because they are uninformed, not stupid, fed a lot of crap by leaders who want to strengthen their political bases and you know what their damned goal is? Complete Socialism in this country. Government control.  The people last night were actually saying things like, “they brought us over on boats, etc.”  Who the hell had been brought over on a slave boat recently?  When asked if they were racists because of their hatred of whites they said they can’t be racists because only people in power can be racists…how do you make people like this understand?  Is it possible?  Perhaps if we had sane leaders who thought more of their country instead of getting elected.  Of all of his press conferences, this was the biggest abomination of all…oh, and yeah, if your girl’s Bernie gets elected, is she going to surrendered 90% of her income for the higher good?