Ran to the bank on Metairie Road, made a deposit, went to Joe W’s.  Headache rattling my teeth.  Bought the things for my version of Conspirator’s Cassoulet, and since it is my cassoulet, I ignored the recipe suggestion to use either Great Northerns, Cannelli, or Navy Beans; instead, I opted for baby limas!  Baby butterbeans, Mama and ‘dem limas!  They’re soaking now until tomorrow; came home and made the Coral Knobs; it will sit overnight in fridge also for flavors to marry, but already tastes delicious.  Sliced some pistolettes lengthwise and toasted them because I am going to have a supper of spreads tonight; not very hungry, hummus, pesto.  But I realized my headache was a hunger headache because I got so upset this morning I didn’t eat; at lunch had a little bowl of jasmine rice; maybe I’m full from fried chicken, but the headache abated when I tasted the coral knob spread on a toasted piece of pistolette.

Already cleaned up, in my red nightshirt, suddenly very tired; not sleepy, just tired.  May God grant us a peaceful night in all of America.

PS. Forgot to tell you I read a really good book, a mystery called, “The Lady in Blue.”  Took place in Walsingham, and it had a detective I really liked, DCI Nelson,  a professor named Ruth Galloway I really liked, and a Druid I really liked (modern times) named  Cathbad.  A host of quirky characters, a good murder mystery,good personal sub conflicts–and humor.  There in that medieval religious town, interspersed with female priests, etc., it was a humorous but not insulting irreverent look at religion as a side tone, but it was done very well from the point of view of the non-believers observing the believers with some lines that had me laughing out loud.  Very well done, a good, good read.  Ely Griffiths in the author and her detective series is Ruth Galloway and I will read more of her as well.  You might like it if you care to check it out.

I’m tired; going to crash now, probably won’t turn from the news tonight although yesterday I did tape two of my favorite movies, “All the King’s Men,” and, “The Conversation.”  I love you.