Last night I had settled in so cozy with my porch lights, watching the annoying Megyn Kelly and her histrionics, and then found myself watching the war zone that was Dallas, TX and the immediate camera shot of a police officer lying motionless in the street.  Watched what looked like a war movie filmed with a hand camera as I hear shots, saw police officers–black and white–kick into combat mode, and awakened this morning to hear five officers have been murdered by sniper fire with possible incendiary devices scattered through the streets not far from where Kennedy was assassinated.  My previous viewing, outside of the hearing regarding Hillary Faustus Clinton was sickened by seeing the video of the police-related shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota. They were very upsetting, but I prayed if there were any demonstrations because of them, they would remain peaceful, as indeed they seem to remain both in Baton Rouge and New York.  Then, a live press conference with Obama, speaking in the middle of the night from Poland, basically, without knowing any facts, without any investigation, once again claiming there’s a problem of police targeting black people, only fueling the fire, instead of just saying, we have to investigate to see what happened. He never made a speech when the black officers in Marksville shot a white father and killed his young son a few months ago; he never spoke when Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal alien.  When I heard him speak, my heart sank.  I well remember the Civil Rights era as a child. I remember integration, I remember that entire stormy period; and I have never seen America so racially inflamed and divided since then until Obama came into office.  The Chief of police of Dallas is a well-spoken black gentlemen.  The first officer shot had been married only two weeks.  I’m thinking of the children this morning who are waking up knowing, very suddenly, their fathers are never coming home.  This anger did not need to be fueled by Obama, who, with his cronies have fueled it all along.  The Great Divider.  Well, Hillary must be glad–right now the main focus is off of her.  Campaign speech to follow?

God bless those men, and God bless our police officers.