Was glued to the Comey hearings before Congress and I come away with this impression:  I think he is an honorable man, a fair man, and I liked him.  Having said that, as the talking heads say on TV, he also impresses me as a somewhat naive, gullible man, especially when he took the Hildebeast on her word that she did not pass along top secret emails to people who didn’t have security clearance.

I’m sorry, but this whole thing, just like most thing connected to the Clintons, reeks.  Greg Gutfeld made this wonderful comparison to anyone, no matter how honorable there are, who gets connected in some way to Mr. and Mrs. Faustus by saying this:  It’s like these people are standing on a road that has a giant, messy mud puddle, and along comes the Clinton bus and no matter what they all managed to get the Clinton mud splashed all over them and it never goes away.  This may or may not happen with Comey,and as he seems like a decent guy,  I hope not.  But I don’t think it’s over.  I think the FBI is still investigating the emails with respect to the Clinton Foundation, and there has been a clear finding from the FBI investigation that Clinton did indeed commit perjury about sending and receive classified emails when she testified before the Benghazi Senate hearings.  They didn’t act upon it because protocol demanded they get a referral for this from Congress.  Comey was assured, that would be coming very shortly.  Now I listened to those hearings and she did indeed say she had not sent classified emails.  If there are now some gray areas about the ones actually marked classified, there are emails from the get go that came from the highest security regions that needed no question.

This was such a mental throwback to the Watergate hearings when I was also glued to those and made what I call my “Watergate Sampler,” that I felt compelled to start hand stitching a pillow covering!

About to go for a swim, looking forward to that pleasure, but I have to mention the fried chicken that I cooked early this morning and ate brunch time:  it was delicious!  I haven’t had homemade fried chicken like this in so many years; it was perfectly crunchy and brown,tender meat within, and if I had to mention one want and that’s nothing I can do anything about, is that it needed salt as does all my food; nevertheless, I’m inclined to say that it was so delicious that I think Mom might have been jealous of it if there a jealous bone in her body and there really was not.  I’m remembering that in past years, she who was so particular in her kitchen, would give me the job of frying chicken, and maybe that was for a reason?  In other words, she wouldn’t have pulled all the crust off in the rudeness of gestures…if you get my drift.